We believe in human transformation and we propose a journey of deconstruction.

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We are agents of transformation.
We believe in the potential that human beings have to impact society in a relevant and responsible manner positively. Here we are to realize and to fulfil ourselves.
In this process, Petalusa acts as a facilitator, using its methodology based on the creative experience focused on self-development. Our goal is to create a new way of being.

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We are a company that hosts experiences of self-knowledge, working with these targets:


Through creative experiences, it encourages participants to use human variables in favor of personal development and, in this way, achieve greater engagement, strength, unity, and results.

Through creative, collaborative and protagonist dynamics, thus contributing to strengthening its bonds and purposes with the world of which it is a part and responsible, not just a spectator

Through creative, collaborative and protagonist dynamics, thus contributing to the strengthening of their bonds and purposes in the world they live in, in order to become responsible for it, not merely a spectator



It’s a creative experience of self-knowledge and expression in favor of a more authentic fashion. Led by art therapists and psychologists, it is a journey full of sensations, colors, reflections, discoveries, many inspirations, and love. Above all, much love to seek an encounter with this unique essence.








1. Stimulus

Provocation that animates and encourages realisation.


We start the journey by provoking reactions and stimulating all the senses. Various tools are available according to the challenges presented. They are developed based on experiences of art, expression, listening, and dialogue.

2. Deconstruction

Cause destruction, undo to build again.


The sequence of events in a narrative. In this sense, we invite you to leave the standard, formatting, and programming from the stimulus experienced for a deeper and more questioning dive.

3. Welcoming

The act of receiving with pleasure, withdrawing.

The consequence of being invited to think about ourselves and our attitudes and talents brings anguish, pains arise. Inevitably our pains are not exclusive and isolated, but they are also present in other individuals in the group.
Welcoming is a time to retire, relax, and reflect without disconnecting from the group.

4. Action

The manifestation of an agent force.


Commitment to consistency. Connect feeling, speech, and movement. Implement the gains and learnings of the process for the best version of yourself.


Caro Bruchilari

Caro Bruchilari


An entrepreneur by vocation and environmental engineer by training, she started her professional career as an environmental consultant until her move to Brazil, when she discovered entrepreneurship. Here, she was responsible for setting up the internet incubator Btoben, which was sold to an important bank. After ten years devoting herself to raising her three children, Carolina returned to her working life through Petalusa, where she is a partner. It is dedicated to creating different experiences, both individual and collective, to help in the human development of people.

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