Every woman is Rare, because every woman is unique. 

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It’s not a therapy,

Neither a personal stylist

After all, what is Rara?

I t’s a creative experience for self-knowledge and self-expression, in order to build a more authentic fashion. The fashion you  assemble, you create, the one you choose to represent yourself. Unique. Because it comes from your essence, from you soul. Your most genuine and exclusive expression. That unique style that can’t be bought on a store, but discover from within you.

Conducted by art therapists and psychologists, it is a journey full of sensations, colors, reflections, discoveries, many inspirations and love. Above all, lots of love to seek the encounter with this unique essence. It’s Liberating and fun. Women at their own service, exchanging experiences and discovering their best versions.

We want to deprogram everything

that blocks our essence.

Edições Refúgio Rara

1 weekend in nature

Refúgio Rara aims to bring out the unique essence of each woman to provoke her free and authentic expression in fashion. A weekend meeting on a private island, where we will be immersed in the colors, shapes and aromas of the Atlantic Forest. An unusual experience of self-knowledge, self-expression, art and fashion.
This invitation’s intent is to pause and discover yourself. No rights or wrongs, simply being you. 

an experience in  07 meetings

Desprograma de Mulheres proposes a deeper dive into the individual woman’s essence to bring out her unique expression in fashion.
With 7 weekly group meetings, experiences of self-knowledge, art therapy and a valuable curation of critical content, will bring increased awareness about fashion, and above all, about yourself.
It’s an invitation to look within with care and welcoming, so you can express yourself freely.

Rara has the purpose of helping women to express themselves with the freedom to be themselves. We make art experiences to bring out each woman’s authenticity, based on new sensations and repertoires. For that, we use all kinds of art, including fashion, which is a vehicle of daily expression and creativity. We develop differentiated formats and content customized according to the group, the need, and the reflection.


How do I express myself today?

Standards and Influences

What is my essence?

Discovery and Reconnection

How do I deconstruct and expand my repertoire?

Colors and Anatomy

What is my authorial expression?

Attitude and Revelation

next experience:

Paraty, São Paulo, Brazil

September 6th, 7th and 8th

Paraty is a unique place, located between the exuberance of the Atlantic Forest and the green expanse of one of the most beautiful regions on the Brazilian coast. It is the ideal setting for taking a break and reconnect with yourself. 








Paraty, Brazil

September 6h, 7th and 8th 

Paraty, Brazil

September 6h, 7th and 8th

Paraty, Brazil

September 6h, 7th and 8th

Paraty, Brazil

September 6h, 7th and 8th

Paraty, Brazil

September 6h, 7th and 8th























We've been through a lot.


We married the prince and had beautiful children. Or the prince became a frog and we follow only the children, when they stop at home, of course. Or we didn’t even have children, but we enjoyed princes and frogs because there is no rule in life and every path is a whirlwind of changes.

Everything changes. when you see, it’s gone.

The body changes, the face changes, the taste changes...


What was cool, it gets weird and weird, it feels good and, suddenly, the desire to experience new things. And what a delight to have the security to rediscover yourself. Look inside before looking outside. With care, lightness and generosity with yourself.

We Love fashion.


Not the enslaving, consumerist and disposable fashion, but the authorial style that mirrors our unique and exclusive soul. What we wear is the expression of what we are. And what we are, guides us to move forward. With charm and joy, because after all, everything is a love relationship and when we love each other, everything becomes more beautiful, fun, safe and harmonious. 

We are ,
because every woman is unique.

We are women who reinvent themselves, who love and express themselves to the world with authenticity.

Carolina Bruchilari

Carolina Bruchilari

With great calling for entrepreneurship and Environmental Engineering Trainning, Carolina Bruchilari is Petalusa’s Co-Founder and Owner, a company that hosts self-knowledge journeys.

Carolina began her professional career as an Environment Consultant, but she has discovered her abilities on entrepreneurship when she moved to Brazil. 
In Brazil, she was one of those responsible for setting up the internet incubator Btoben, which was later sold to an important bank, in a period when little was said about startups in the country. 

After 10 years dedicating herself to raising her 3 children, Carolina returned to her working life through Petalusa. Devoted to creating different experiences, both individual and collective, she achieves fulfillment with the purpose of helping on human development.

Estado de São Paulo Newspaper

Sonia Racy / Caderno 2
March 10th, 2019

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